Celebrating Winter Olympics Pyeongchang and BandJHP rocks the army!

Tour at the army training center today. In this week, I am doing Army tour(?) celebrating the successful Olympics with young peolple at the army. I am happy that I can celebrate such great event with people as the ambassador for 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Go for #BandJHP! Tonight’s concert was great, just as always! Thank you guys


cultural children support foundation

I featured as soloist with the #rainbowboxorchestra, the scholarship program which supports children from low income family with cultural education. It was a really meaningful and grateful experience for me! I hope the music will give them huge hope and energy to live. Wish good luck for everyone giving their best at the #pyeongchang2018

stage accident

e-string broken, thank God in the last piece! Survived without stopping. Hallelujah
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