On a recording session with bad mood


On a recording session me with bad mood.
There are unfortunately those days where I can’t play anything.
The day before yesterday was one of those days on my recording day.
What do you do in those cases? I better pray. Then it’s like..
It seems to be everything just like before and nothing has changed.
But the result is always surprisingly good somehow.

So sometimes, I strongly recommend to pray when you think you caught those bad days and nothing works.
And just look forward what happens or better to say, how your bad day turn to your best day! *^^*


Pets manner training


My pets.. Sshiksshik, Kyuri, Jjang with their maner training.
They wait my mom’s permission to eat the meat in front if them.

Good boys! Good girl! *^^*


4th visit to the army recruit training center

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Its the 4th visit to the Korean army recruit training center putting on a show for the soldiers.
Since the capacity of the hall at the camp isnt enough for the whole army, I always give two concerts in a row.
So 3500 soldiers in each concert.

Though these are volunteer concerts, I feel like I recieve much more than I can compare with anything.
I am just fufilled with their power, energy and passion.

Such a grateful day!


Don’t worry be happy…


How was your week?

Do NOT try to remember bad things..

Try to smile with your heart….

Everything is going to be fine!


With former Miss Korea s


After my recital today, me, assistant director and the director of the hospital which organized my recital and the former Miss Korea”s” who moderated in my concert took a photo together.
Living nice memory of this special day!

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