Changwon Culture Foundation

Here we are, in Changwon.

It is about 400 km away from Seoul. In compare to other countries, it`s huge distance in Korea. ^^

How nice to get to know, that so many people are interested in music, culture in this city.

Tomorrow gonna be about hundreds of classicalmusic- lovers at the Seongsan Art Hall, and will listen to my music and new knowledge about this classical instrument.

I hope more and more people will interest in classical music… I hope…

This is provided from Changwon Culture Foundation, thank you ^^

Concert at the Elb-Philharmony


Flying to Hamburg for the performance at the wonderful and beautiful Elb-Philharmonie which is the Europe’s Carnegie Hall. Be brave with God’s love.


Celebrating Winter Olympics Pyeongchang and BandJHP rocks the army!

Tour at the army training center today. In this week, I am doing Army tour(?) celebrating the successful Olympics with young peolple at the army. I am happy that I can celebrate such great event with people as the ambassador for 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Go for #BandJHP! Tonight’s concert was great, just as always! Thank you guys


cultural children support foundation

I featured as soloist with the #rainbowboxorchestra, the scholarship program which supports children from low income family with cultural education. It was a really meaningful and grateful experience for me! I hope the music will give them huge hope and energy to live. Wish good luck for everyone giving their best at the #pyeongchang2018

Ilsan Kintex with 10,000 people



Just played, so much fun!!



Preparing for tomorrow’s performance at Ilsan Kintex. Apparently around 10 000 people will gather here!

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