Violinist Ji-Hae Park was born in Germany.

In 2013 Ji-Hae released a solo CD with Universal Music (Black DECCA label) which became a Golden Disc and played as soloist with the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra the Shanghai Concert Hall in April, Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra in June in Seoul. Not only as a musician, but also as a speaker, she was invited to the main TED Conference held in US in 2013 and got the standing ovation from all conference participants.

After her Debut as soloist with Mainzer Chamber Orchestra throughout Europe, just 14 years old, she currently manages over 150 invited concerts yearly. In her recent North-, and South America tour, she was invited to one of the biggest international arts festival FMX as the main artist followed after Cellist Yo-Yo Ma of last year. At the press conference in form of guerilla concert, competed 60 main stream to report her appearance. In addition to performing many solo recitals and concerts with orchestra throughout the world, Ji-Hae also performs in many churches, prisons, restricted facilities for Leprosy patients, hospitals to touch and heal the people with broken hearts and she is gathering big interest of not only classical music lovers but also all kinds of people.

She plays the most historical fine violin, a Guarnerius known as the Petrus 1735, Venedig which is on loan by the German Foundation (Deutsche-Stiftung-Musikleben) since 2003.  Her successful New York Debut at Carnegie Hall was documented by the New York Concert Review, “Her stage persona is extremely charismatic and emotional, and she was able to bring out all the stylistic and dynamic contrasts of her varied composers.” Not only at Carnegie Hall, but also at Kennedy Center(D.C.) and Walt Disney Concert Hall(L.A.), Rokoko Theater(Germany)- just mention a few- she mastered a successful evening with her performance. She is often invited as the soloist of the National events which were usually broadcasted on national wide TV stations mostly in Korea.

For her extraordinary activity and influence, Ji-Hae was awarded with “The Respectful Korean 2010 with Grand Prix” and considered to be the youngest winner ever. This distinction is given to a Korean who has shown great leadership and influence in encouraging national development and integration for the benefit of the Nation. She is the Honorary Ambassador of the National Event ‘Yeosu ’, World WIKE City Federation, Africa Future Foundation and Handong University.

Among many others, her most notable appearance was on the popular SBS TV show “” 4 times and KBS TV show “Lecture 100 °C”, “Classic Odyssey” etc. which led in the ratings and ranked 1st place in real-time search of portal site. She is also named as the consultant of National Policy Consultation from the Korean Presidential Office. Since her first Solo recording in Germany, as a 14 year old young violinist, she has recorded 9CDs and 2DVDs which exemplifies the breadth and depth of her musical experience in many genres from classical to Rock, traditional Korean folk tunes, gospel, etc. Ji-Hae arranges all of the colorful elements on each of her CDs, enjoys experimenting and modifying new musical selections to make the classical violin more accessible to audiences!

She was twice the 1st Prize winner of the National Music Competition of Germany in 2001 (in Solo) and 2002 (in Chamber music). In 2003, she won the 2nd prize including 3 special prizes at Remember International Violin Competition in Romania. Apart from those distinctions, she was awarded at the Kloster Schoental International Competition in Germany, Brahms International Competition in Austria, International Competition in Italy, Juergen Sellheim Hannover Germany, Dresden Germany, Award for outstanding talent & potential. She was also honored as a “ZIRP Fellow” (the abbreviation of the Cutures-initiative of Rheinland-Pfalz`s culture in Germany). Recently she was invited as Jury for Malta International Music competition 2015, Italy.

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